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Evo – Looking for Tables, Equipments for your Centre?

2022.6 Evo

If you are looking for tables, equipments for your centre, look no further, we have what you need for your physiotherapy, rehabilitation and chiropractic solutions.

We supply various items from exercise therapy items, electrotherapy modalities, moist heat packs, chiropractic tables, treatment tables to game-changers such as shockwave therapy, laser therapy and Vacumed IVT.

We believe in quality products and evidence based therapies.

"Be a game changer, the current market is getting more players"

Set yourself apart from others by using our solutions which delivers results your patients need.

Keep your patients within your practice, no need to refer them elsewhere.


Contact 0162167791 for our catalogue now.

Evo – Looking for Tables, Equipments for your Centre?